Who We Serve

Our services for businesses include legal bill audits, expert opinions on the reasonableness of fees, and litigation management-related services.

Sample Engagements:

  • A foreign-based insurer requested an audit of multi-million dollar legal bills from a large multi-national law firm representing insured clients in a U.S. Federal Corrupt Practices Act investigation.
  • A very large national retailer requested an audit of a representative sample of its paid legal bills and the development of Legal Billing & Litigation Management Guidelines as well as training of in-house personnel on how to properly review legal bills.
  • One of the largest insurance companies in the world requested an audit of its legal bill review program.
  • An insured corporation seeking payment of defense costs from its insurers requested an opinion on the reasonableness of $40 Million in legal costs.

For individuals including insureds of insurance companies, we offer both legal audit and expert opinion services.

Sample Engagements:

  • An individual who had incurred $1.2 Million in legal fees in a child custody dispute requested an opinion on the reasonableness of those legal fees.
  • An individual who had incurred over $700,000 in legal fees in a divorce action requested an opinion on the reasonableness of those fees.
  • A consortium of individual Afghani sub-contractors suing contractors for non-payment of work performed requested an audit of legal fees incurred from a large multinational law firm that represented the sub-contractors.
  • Individuals with large legal bills in estate cases in Indiana, Florida, and Kentucky requested an audit of those legal fees to determine their reasonableness.

Including state and local and quasi-governmental entities.

Sample Engagements:

  • Audit of legal fees of a large law firm hired to represent a state’s interest in the largest bankruptcy case (at the time) before the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • A very large California self-insured school district requested an audit of legal fees in high-profile sexual molestation cases.
  • Audit of legal bills of outside attorneys in civil and criminal matters for various municipal and county governments.