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To request a free evaluation of a legal bill or series of legal bills (related to the same matter) totaling $50,000 or more go to the Free Evaluation page and provide the requested information. 

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Legal Bill Audits

LegalBillAudit.com has audited legal bills in virtually every type of case throughout the U.S. for businesses, individuals, and governmental entities. For a FREE evaluation of a set of related legal bills totaling $50,000 or more, go to the “Request an Evaluation” page and follow the instructions to upload your legal bills.

Legal Spend Management

LegalBillAudit.com can assist companies with the following legal spend management services: litigation management training, drafting of litigation management and billing guidelines, analysis of law firm performance in specific cases, evaluation of existing litigation management programs, establishing outside counsel selection and evaluation program, training on how to properly review legal bills.

Expert Witness

LegalBillAudit.com can provide written expert opinions as well as provide testimony in court, arbitrations, and mediations on whether the legal fees at issue are reasonable. Expert witness services are provided by John Conlon, the President of Legal Bill Audit.com who has provided expert opinions in litigated cases in various states including, Indiana, Washington, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, District of Columbia, and Michigan.

To find out more about LegalBillAudit.com’s legal bill auditexpert witness, or legal spend management services, use the “Contact Info” form or email clientservices@legalbillaudit.com.

Books By John Conlon


How to Audit Legal Bills Like a Pro

Based on the training the author has provided to employees of large corporations whose job it is to review legal bills, this book explains the basic principles to use in auditing legal bills.

Red Flags in
Legal Bills

This book looks at legal bill issues that may raise a concern beyond the billing issues themselves such as whether the lawyer is really competent enough to handle the matter.

depositphotos_199865938-stock-photo-law-office-legal-justice-statue-004 (1)

The Art of Hiring the Right Lawyer

This book addresses issues that are practical for both individual and small business clients to address when looking to hire an attorney or negotiating an attorney fee agreement.


Resolving a Fee
Bill Dispute

If a client cannot reach a satisfactory resolution on a legal fee dispute with the lawyer, this book sets out the next steps the client may take and explains each of these steps in detail.

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